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Waterproof Coating General Guide.

Sep. 08, 2022

At present, it is essential to decorate the house waterproof. How to use waterproof coating is a problem that everyone pays attention to. Waterproof coating will be used in bathroom decoration and kitchen decoration. In recent years, the brands of waterproof materials have increased, and the dazzling array of material brands makes it impossible for decoration owners to start. Dayuwang Group provides you with quality goods and services!


How to use waterproof coating?


First, the grass-roots treatment


waterproofing layer grass-roots level (leveling layer): the grass-roots surface should be solid with a certain strength, clean and clean, the surface without floating soil, sand and other dirt, the surface is smooth, smooth, no loose, require smoothing and calendering, for residual mortar blocks or protrusions should be cut flat with a spatula.


Second, the detailed treatment


(1) Yin and Yang corner: ground around the connection with the wall, should be wiped into a radius of 20mm arc.


(2) Pipe root parts: through the wall pipe root positioning, the floor around the cement mortar plugging tight, pipe root around the ground and ground connected parts with cement mortar smear into a figure of eight.


(3) Through the wall pipes and connections should be installed firmly, tight joints, if there is rust, oil should be cleaned up with wire brush, sandpaper, solvent, etc.


(4) After grass-roots treatment, the grass-roots level should be no obvious water.


Waterproof Coating General Guide.


Third, waterproof layer construction.


1, Stirring: first pour the liquid material into the container, and then slowly add the powder, while fully stirring 3-5 minutes to form a uniform slurry without raw powder and particles can be used; (preferably using a stirrer)


2, Brushing: brush or roller brush directly on the substrate, the strength of the use of uniform, do not miss the brush; generally need to be painted 2 times (according to the use of requirements), each brush thickness of no more than 1mm; the previous slightly dry solid before the next brush (just not sticky hands, the general interval of 1-2 hours), before and after the vertical cross brush, brush the total thickness is generally 1-2mm; if the coating has cured If the coating has cured, paint another layer when wetting with water first.


3, Conditioning: After 24 hours of construction, it is recommended to cover the coating with wet cloth or spray water to maintain the coating.


4, Protection: Please take protection against stepping, rain, exposure to sunlight, sharp damage, etc. before completely drying after construction.


5, Checking (closed water test): bathroom, pool and other parts of the waterproofing layer dry solid (at least 24 hours in summer, at least 48 hours in winter) full water storage for 48 hours to check whether the waterproof construction qualified. Lightweight walls must do a drenching test.


Waterproof coating dosage: usually 1.5-2.0 kg square meters; the actual amount is determined by the use, the use of parts, the roughness of the substrate, environmental factors, etc.


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